World of Art Launched!

All the partners in the project World of Art. Models of training and collaboration in contemporary arts met in Zagreb to initiate implementation of the programme.

Recognizing the lack in institutional education in the field of contemporary arts and interconnected disciplines, each organisation, partners to become, separately initiated their (in)formal educational programme. Developing them for some time, they got to the point where each of them felt the need to improve their programmes and compare them with other existing models in other countries. For this reason, SCCA – Center for Contemporary Art Ljubljana, invited partners from Poland, Austria and Slovenia, with whom the organisation collaborated previously on some other projects, to initiate a collaboration in the educational programme. That’s how we designed World of Art. Models of training and collaboration in contemporary arts. As all the partners were approved, their application with national agencies in charge for Leonardo da Vinci mobility programme, we organized a meeting where we dicussed the implementation of each segment and process of further collaboration.


Maria Hussakowska from Polish Podyplomowe Muzealnicze Studia Kuratorskie w zakresie sztuki najnowszej, Uniwersytet Jagielloński, Instytut Historii Sztuki, Luisa Ziaja from Austria’s Schnittpunkt Verein für Ausstellungstheorie und praxis, Dušan Dovč, Saša Nabergoj and Sonja Zavrtanik from the Slovenian SCCA – Centre for Contemporary Arts Ljubljana, and Dea Vidović and Antonija Letinić from Croatia’s Kurziv – Platform for Matters of Culture, Media and Society participated in the initial meeting, held on September 27th 2010 in Zagreb’s club Booksa.


Each of the partners presented the programme for the following educational cycle and discussed points of intersection, methods of collaboration and mutual aims. During the meeting they established the details concerning further meetings and study visits with directions for programming study visits in each country were indicated.

The first study visit will happen in Vienna at the begining of December.